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Interview with Petr Rodionov, General Director, Geropharm

Published on 12 May 2020 by Anna Andriyanova


Adam Smith Conferences: How has the coronavirus pandemic affected the Russian pharmaceutical market?

Petr Rodionov: Today the entire economy, both Russian and global, is adapting to operating in the new realities. And the pharmaceutical industry holds an especially responsible position during this period, since in spite of uncertainty, it is extremely important to prevent any disruptions in the provision of vitally important drugs to the population. Moreover, it is crucial to direct the maximum efforts and technological capabilities of pharmaceutical manufacturers towards the search for solutions in the fight against coronavirus.

Geropharm, along with other local producers, is currently continuing its work in accordance with production plans. It is the social responsibility that our business has – not to stop the process in a difficult epidemiological situation. We are faced with an important task that is more relevant than ever - to to be ready to provide Russian patients with the necessary drugs. In previous years Geropharm has made significant investments into developing advanced technologies, including in facilities to produce insulin substances. And today, if required, we would be able to fulfil the demand of the entire country in this segment.

In addition, the company’s production lines are equipped with high-tech tools that allow us to quickly adapt to the real-time demands of the healthcare system.

Currently, we are undertaking enhanced safety measures – transfers are organised for production staff to and from work, temperatures are checked at the beginning and end of the day, masks and antiseptics are given out. Those employees who don’t need to be on site or in the office, are working remotely – we have all the technical tools required for this.

The current global situation, with closed borders and limited supplies, once again highlights the exceptional importance of the country having full-cycle production technologies and its own manufacturing facilities. And, I think that for many systems and economies globally this will be one of the major conclusions. Until recently, no one could have imagined that in the era of globalisation a situation might occur when countries find themselves cut off from each other.

Any crisis is a time to introduce changes. The way out of recession will be accompanied by systemic changes and the development of new strategies, both at the State level and at business level.

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