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11 - 12 November 2020

Corinthia Saint-Petersburg Hotel

Speaker confirmations in 2020

General Manager Sanofi Eurasia from October 1, 2018. Prior to that since January 1, 2016 worked as General Manager, Rx, Sanofi Russia & Belarus.  
Engineer by training with MBA degree from Cranfield School of Management, UK, Oxana has got more than nineteen years of in-depth knowledge and experience in pharmaceutical industry with a number of leadership roles in Marketing, Strategic Planning, and Sales in Russia and UK.  
Oxana started her career in pharmaceutical industry in 2001 with Eli Lilly UK. Over the following 13 years, she took on a number of senior management positions with increasing responsibility. In 2014, Oxana joined Sanofi as a Head of Diabetes BU in Russia.  

Niels Hessmann is the Managing Director of Bayer JSC and Senior Bayer Representative in Russia and CIS since March 1, 2015.

Niels Hessmann was born in Belgium and studied applied economic sciences at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. He began his career as a Market Research Manager in Schering (now Bayer) in Belgium in 1992.

In 1996, he headed the Marketing and Sales Department of Schering Romania and Moldova.

In 1999, he became the Managing Director of Schering Kazakhstan and was responsible for the company development in Central Asia.

In 2001, he was appointed the Managing Director of Schering Greece. In 2007, he headed Bayer Netherlands and was Bayer Healthcare Representative. During that period, Mr. Hessmann was also responsible for merging Bayer and Schering.

From November 2011 to February 2015, he was the Managing Director and Country Division Head Bayer HealthCare in South-Korea.

Katerina began her career with Janssen in 2001, holding a number of positions in the Sales, Marketing and Market Access teams. She has been a member of the Russian board of directors since 2010 and was appointed Country Manager Russia in 2015, and then she was promoted to the position of Managing Director Russia & CIS in 2017. In April 2019 Katerina was appointed CEO of Johnson & Johnson Russia & CIS.

Throughout her 17-year career with Janssen, Katerina has consistently demonstrated high standards of quality and strong results. She led the launch of a whole range of new products and work across a number of therapeutic areas, as well as establishing several new business units. In her role as Commercial Operations Director, Russia, Katerina successfully led commercial teams in close collaboration with other departments, which yielded great business results and drove the company’s overall success.

Katerina graduated with distinction from the International University in Moscow, where she studied law. She also completed specialist education for senior executives at the London School of Economics and Political Science and Moscow School of Management Skolkovo.

Inna Bakumenko joined Abbott as the General Manager in November 2019. The key priorities in this role are strategic portfolio development, digital transformation, and scaling up of management expertise to the country cluster. Inna has over 20 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry in Russia and CIS. Prior to joining Abbott, Inna was in charge of Pfizer GEP in Russia and General Manager of Pfizer Upjoin in Russia. Early in her career, Inna worked as a medical representative of Janssen-Cilag, Johnson & Johnson’s division. Then she took various roles in sales and marketing and was in charge of business units of Servier, Allergan and Pfizer in Ukraine. From 2015 Inna was the General Manager of Pfizer in Ukraine and a regional head of GEP business in Ukraine, Caucasus and Central Asia. Inna received higher medical degree at Kharkov National Medical University and master's in marketing and management at the National Economical University by European program TACIS, and Harvard Business School.

Эрик Рош – опытный профессионал, стратег, демонстрирующий успешные результаты деятельности в фармацевтической индустрии на протяжении 25 лет в Северной Америке и Европе.

Сегодня под его управлением работает команда свыше 1 500 человек на территории России и Евразии, включая предприятие в Ярославле по производству полного цикла твердых лекарственных форм мощностью до 2 миллиардов таблеток в год. Российский офис компании Teva является одним из самых эффективных по финансовым результатам текущей деятельности и находится в числе лучших по уровню удовлетворенности сотрудников своей работой среди 80 рынков, где представлена компания Teva.

До назначения главой кластера Teva Россия & Евразия в июле 2018 года Эрик Рош почти 7 лет работал в качестве генерального директора Teva Laboratories во Франции, управляя командой свыше 1000 сотрудников.

До прихода в Teva Laboratories Эрик Рош занимал должность Генерального директора Biogaran – ведущей французской фармацевтической компании с командой из 300 сотрудников, которую он возглавлял в течение 15 лет. Ранее он отвечал за развитие международного бизнеса в компании Apotex Inc, команда которой насчитывает свыше 10 000 сотрудников по всему миру.

Эрик Рош является президентом Ассоциации производителей генериков Франции (GEMME) и членом Европейской ассоциации производителей генерических препаратов (MFE), а также занимал пост члена правления Ассоциации фармацевтической промышленности Франции (LEEM).

Irina joined Eli Lilly team in 2001 as a Brand Manager, and has since advanced to General Manager of Eli Lilly Russia/CIS. For the past 20 years she had worked in key marketing and sales roles, was the head of HR function, and led the efforts to implement Six Sigma principles to refine the business processes at Lilly. Irina served as Senior Director for Ethics and Compliance, International Business Unit at the company’s headquarters in the US. Irina is currently focusing on strengthening the company’s position in oncology, diabetes and immunology in Russia and CIS as well as accelerating the path to market for Lilly’s innovative molecules. Irina obtained her MBA degree at the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, USA.

Elena is recognized expert and leader of the Russian pharmaceutical industry, has 25 years of experience in leading international pharmaceutical companies, one of 25 women CEO of Russia according to RBC. 
2019 till present – President of the company Takeda Pharmaceuticals Russia 
2014-2019 General Manager, Abbott Russia 
2011-2014 General Manager, Meda Pharmaceuticals 
1995-2011 kept different positions in sales and marketing in such pharmaceutical companies as Pliva (Croatia), Novartis Pharma (Switzerland), Sanofi (France). 
1990-1993 graduated from the Oncology Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences., PhD. 
1987 graduated from the Moscow Medical Academy n.a. Sechenov, Department of General Medicine.

Dr. Stephan Eder is Executive Vice President of STADA in the Russia and CIS region, and a member of the Global STADA Executive Committee. In this role, he oversees all operations in STADA Russia as well as in the CIS countries. Russia is with more than 3000 employees the second largest business within the global STADA Group.

He joined STADA from Sandoz, where he most recently served as CEO Hexal and Country Head Sandoz Germany from mid-2017 onwards. With a clear vision, he led the German Sandoz team and business through a strategic transformation to drive increased customer focus, resulting in strong sales and profit growth as well as an expansion of market leadership in Germany.

Having started his career at McKinsey, Austrian national Stephan Eder was co-founder and CFO of the startup medicine-discovery company 55pharma before joining Sandoz’ parent group, Novartis, in 2007. After working in corporate strategy roles at Novartis, he subsequently led Sandoz’ portfolio management, business development and licensing function in Central and Eastern Europe before he was responsible for the Russian OTC operation from mid-2010 until end 2013. During this period under his leadership, the business almost doubled in size and strongly outgrew the Russian OTC market. Subsequently until mid-2017, Stephan Eder headed Sandoz’ operations in the UK and Ireland as General Manager, successfully growing the business and driving sustainable results in a highly volatile market.

Adlane graduated in Marketing and Management from Lyon Business School and holds a Master’s Degree in International Trade from Lyon University.

Adlane Soudani joined Ipsen in France in 2005. He developed a specific expertise in the export business in several regions of the globe until he was promoted to Export Director for Latin America.

Building on his success in this role, in 2013 he was appointed General Manager, Ipsen in Algeria. In this position, he has been instrumental in building a strong team and leading it to reach record market shares for both the Specialty Care and Consumer Healthcare businesses.

Demonstrating a lot of resilience in a challenging market like Russia, Adlane successfully led the creation of a Joint-Venture in the country which has paved the way for building the first oncology factory in the Algeria. 

In October 2018 Adlane was appointed a General Manager of Ipsen in Russia & CIS.

Since then the company has started its fantastic transformation journey. Within a relatively short period of time Adlane managed to develop new capabilities within the company to be more focused on innovation and breakthrough solutions in oncology and rare diseases.  Thanks to the recently launched innovative breakthrough solution for kidney cancer treatment and other product yet to come for patients` unmet needs, Ipsen is transforming into one of the key players in oncology and orphan disease markets in Russia.

Adlane`s key focus in patient centricity and development of business in a compliant manner helped to bring innovation for the development of the company which can contribute to the development of the healthcare industry in Russia.

Elena owns more than15 year experience in pharma with a proven track record in driving marketing, sales, and corporate strategy development.

Elena launched her professional career in Marketing in Boehringer Ingelheim, one of the leading German pharma companies, having worked there for 10 years. Moving forward, Elena had various executive positions in Russian, American and Indian pharma companies, gaining valuable international experience and building a wide network of contacts with partners.

Elena graduated from Baikal International Business School of Irkutsk State University (Siberian-American Department of Management). Also she has a degree of Global Executive MBA of Vienna University of Economics and Business and of University of Minnesota.

Graduated from the Geography Department of Kazan Federal University. Received an MBA at the Management School of Lancaster University (UK). Has over 20 years of experience in senior managerial positions in the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2011 won the “Manager of the Year” as per Platinum Ounce award, a prominent professional award in the Russian pharmaceutical field. In 2015, became the Head of the Eurasia business unit — encompassing Russia, the CIS states, Georgia and the Ukraine — in a pharmaceutical company Bosnalijek (Bosnia and Herzegovina), one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the Balkan States and Eastern Europe. Recently, the business unit led by Valentina has increased its influence by entering the markets of Kazakhstan, Belarus and Azerbaijan.

In 2017, Bosnalijek, with its production sites in Sarajevo, became one of the first companies that had its application approved by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and received a GMP certificate. The Russian market is vital to Bosnalijek’s future; it is the second year in a row that Bosnalijek sales continue to grow at a double-digit rate, which is significantly faster than the market. Bosnalijek best sellers are LYSOBACT and ENTEROFURYL, ranking among Top 3 in their categories.

In 1988 graduated from the Chelyabinsk State Medical Institute with a specialization in «General Medicine».
In 1998 completed postgraduate studies and defended a thesis on «anesthesiology-resuscitation» and «oncology» in the P.A. Herzen Moscow Oncology Research Institute.
Worked as a practitioner in various medical institutions of the RF, held senior positions in the Ministry of Health of the RF, in the Ministry of Health of Moscow Region and in leading pharmaceutical companies: MEDSI Group of Companies, Pharmeco LLC, Biotec LLC.
Since April 2018 has taken up the position of CEO of PJSC «Pharmacy Chain 36.6»
In 2002 and 2006 the Ministry of Health of Moscow Region gave Mr. Nesterenko a commendation for his diligent work.

Александр Соколов присоединился к Teva в декабре 2014 года и добился значительных результатов на руководящих позициях в различных Бизнес – подразделениях компании.

Последние несколько лет Александр эффективно управляет отделом по работе с ключевыми клиентами. Под его руководством успешно взаимодействуют и развиваются дистрибуционный, тендерный и аптечный каналы.

Александр получил высшее медицинское образование в Ивановской Государственной Медицинской Академии и после нескольких лет успешной работы врачом-хирургом, уже более 15 лет работает в фармацевтическом бизнесе.

До компании Teva менеджерская карьера Александра строилась в таких ведущих международных компаниях как Danon, Johnson & Johnson, Egis, Novartis

Graduated from the National Medical University in Odessa (Ukraine) in 2012 and completed medical residency specializing as family physician. Worked at state hospitals in psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, and intensive care practice. From 2013 till 2015 worked as medical representative and area manager at SB-Farma and Farmat LTD pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine. In 2015-2017 served as Head drug reimbursement and Commercial director at Olexta (Santens Group). Joined CV Protek in 2017 as Head of My Health project. In 2020 also appointed CEO of Sechenov.PRO, joint-venture by CV Protek and Sechenov Medical University.

Mariya graduated from Medical University and Clinical Residency with a specialization in Cardiology and received the education in Strategic Management at business schools in Lausanne (Switzerland) and Singapore.

Mariya began her career in the pharmaceutical business as a medical representative, then gained experience in marketing and in 2009 became the head of the Nephrology Business Unit of Amgen. Having formed a strong sales & marketing team, Maria was able to bring the company's nephrology business to a qualitatively new level, demonstrating the highest results of work in the company for two years in a row.

In 2014, Maria accepted an offer to head a completely new direction for the company, standing at the origins of the formation of the Market Access function in the Russian pharmaceutical market and the CIS markets.

In 2018, in the role of Global Value Access & policy director for Russia and CEE countries, she moved to Alexion, where, under her leadership the company's leading drugs were included in the state drug lists. In 2019, Maria joined Ipsen as Market Access and Public Affairs Director, Russia & CIS, taking a course to strengthen the company's reputation as a reliable partner of the state and society, offering innovative solutions for patients in various therapeutic areas.

Ilya received his Specialist’s degree in economics and mathematics from Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, and then continued his education in Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs receiving his Master’s degree in management. Ilya has more than 10 years’ extensive leadership experience at Bayer. Ilya joined the company as the Head of controlling department, then, for several years, had an international assignment in CH HQ in Switzerland. Currently he is the Head of PMO and BD&L, Cluster Russia, Ukraine and CIS. Ilya’s areas of responsibilities include business analytics and market analysis, also management of divisional strategic projects (including localization) and business development (innovations and e-commerce).